Swiss e-bike manufacturer Stromer has just announced a new commuter bike for 2019. The ST3 is their latest offering, following up on the ST1 X and ST2 S e-bikes we’ve previously checked out on Bikerumor. The ST3 boasts a newly engineered rear hub motor and a familiar plethora of electronic functions we’ve come to expect from Stromer’s high-end e-bikes.

Stromer ST3, rear hub motor

The big news on the ST3 is its SYNO Drive II rear hub, which now offers 600W of power (by American specs) and puts 44Nm of torque to the road. The hub motor offers three assist levels and provides power up to 28mph. Using Stromer’s OMNI app riders can customize the motor’s output, the level of braking assistance from the motor, and more.  The motor is claimed to run very quietly, as Stromer says the ST3 offers a ‘silent ride’.

The ST3’s stock BQ814 (that’s 814 Wh) battery’s range can assist you for up to 90 miles. The motor’s regenerative braking capability likely helps the ST3 achieve its impressive range.  An optional BQ983 battery boosts the range to a maximum of 110 miles… but will cost you an extra $500! Aside from the drive system, the ST3 uses it’s battery to power an integrated LED headlight with Low and High beam modes, a daytime running light, a taillight, and a horn.

Stromer ST3, touchscreen display unit
Here we can see the ST3’s integrated touchscreen display, and the rider’s smartphone mounted to the stem (phone mount is an optional accessory).

The ST3’s electronic functions can be controlled with the built-in touchscreen display unit on the bike’s top tube, or with your smartphone via Stromer’s OMNI app. Either can show riders their speedometer, odometer, battery life, your current location, your past month or year’s rides, and the number of days you’ve ridden. The OMNI app is conveniently set up to update itself automatically when new functions are added.

Stromer ST3, keyless battery eject

The touchscreen control unit now offers a keyless battery eject function, so you don’t have to carry a physical key or worry about losing it. The OMNI app also provides theft protection through an automatic locking function (the bike unlocks as you near it and locks itself as you walk away), a theft alarm, and a GPS locator. The bike can also be locked and unlocked manually, using the touchscreen or your smartphone.

If your bike is moved while locked, the ST3’s theft alarm will block the motor from functioning, flash the bike’s lights, and text or email you a message so you know something’s happening. If a thief makes a getaway with your bike, the GPS locator can track it down anywhere in the world.

Stromer ST3, Black, side

As a Swiss brand, it’s no surprise Stromer puts an emphasis on aesthetics. They’ve done their best to hide the wires and electronic components, leaving the bike looking lean and clean. The battery is hidden in the down tube, the touchscreen unit sits neatly in the top tube, and the head and tail lights are smoothly integrated.  

Stromer ST3, comfort frame

The ST3’s frame geometry is designed for comfortable commuting, with a low bottom bracket for stability and a short wheelbase for nimble handling on crowded city roads. Frames are available in two styles- The Comfort frame (with a dropped top tube) comes in size medium only, but the more traditional Sport frames come in M/L/XL.

The ST3’s ride on 27.5” wheels, wrapped with Cycl-e ST tires that were designed exclusively for Stromer by automotive tire giants Pirelli. The fork is aluminum, and the brakes are a four-piston front, two-piston rear set made for Stromer by TRP. The ST3 features a 1×11 drivetrain with a mix of Shimano XT/SLX and Microshift components. The FSA Gossamer crank runs a 52t front ring.

Stromer offers buyers their choice of a few different handlebar and stem combos. First, you can choose from either the Urban or Urban Comfort (higher rise) stems. Then you can pick from three different handlebars; A Straight, Rizer or Bent style.

Stromer ST3, Black, angle
*Photos c. Stromer

Other components include Stromer’s own saddle, fenders and Racktime aluminum rear carrier rack. Eventually Stromer plans to offer an optional suspension fork for the ST3’s. The Stromer ST3 retails at $7499 and is now available through Stromer dealers. Frames are available in Deep Black or Cool White.