Bosch’s compact Kiox cycling computer is an all-new, more capable way to monitor your ride and manage your e-bike’s motor assist and battery. With a smaller deign than earlier models and a full-color display under Gorilla Glass, the Kiox is more of the high quality cycling computer we would hope to see on premium e-bikes, with 30+ e-bike makers expected to adopt the new display…

Bosch Kiox full-color e-bike computer

Bosch Kiox full-color e-bike eBike eMTB cycling computer

The new Kiox is a big step up in the look and feel of e-bike displays. It gets big performance updates as well, also adding new functionality through Bluetooth connectivity, and a remote lever so you can still intuitively cycle through modes without taking your hands off the bar.

Bosch Kiox e-bike computer – Tech Details

Bosch Kiox full-color e-bike eBike eMTB cycling computer

The compact, durable 1.9″ hi-res display is meant to show speed data, assist mode, battery charge %, cadence, plus other personal rider performance data like heartrate from a 3-party connected monitor. Bosch didn’t really expand much more, beyond to say that they have built in the possibility for a lot of future functional expansion through software updates. Bosch calls the Kiox their “best and brightest display with more useful features than ever packed into such a compact unit”. It features automatic adjusting display backlighting, and its own internal battery for 20 mins of operation once disconnected from the e-bike.

Bosch Kiox full-color e-bike eBike eMTB cycling computer

OEMs can mount provide the Kiox with its standard quick release magnetic stem cap mount, or develop their own custom integrated handlebar mount solutions. Previewed at Eurobike, the Kiox has just officially been debuted at Interbike. So expect to see it popping up more in 2019, especially on next season’s high-end e-MTBs.

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