It’s big news that Harley-Davidson is creating their first electric motorcycle right now, but it’s perhaps bigger news that they’re also working on e-bikes and electric mopeds. Why? Because it’s telling of the future of transportation that a brand as steeped in big, loud and rough gasoline powered motorcycles is looking at e-mobility as a way to grow market share.

2022 harley davidson concept eMTB e-bike pedal assist mountain bike

Their first electric motorcycle, the Livewire, will debut around 2020, with other options like this eMTB concept and a smaller, more maneuverable moto (shown below) coming by 2022.

prototype harley-davidson electric motorcycle concept
This electric motorcycle prototype concept has no name yet, but we already want it.

concept electric harley-davidson scooter or moped

Details are non-existent on the specs or details, mostly because these are nothing more than concepts at the moment. But with big expansion goals and a stated drive to increase brand penetration into new markets and open up to new, younger riders, it’s no surprise they’re headed in this direction. Here’s their video overview:

All photos courtesy Harley-Davidson.


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