When it comes to e-bikes, there are plenty of brands who pull out all the stops to create something so eye-catching you can’t help but stop. This year, Düsenspeed took our top honors with these cafe racer street bikes that used full carbon fiber fairings, fat tires and killer designs to lure our lenses their way.

This model, called the Cafe Racer, gets two motor options that provide top assist speeds of 25km/h or 45km/h, and gets moto-like rear suspension.

deusenspeed cafe racer e-bike-concept with street bike carbon fiber fairings

A simple rear rocker connects to two Rockshox air shocks…

deusenspeed cafe racer e-bike-concept with street bike carbon fiber fairings

…to take the edge off the stretched 26×2.35 tires. Complete bike price upon request.

They also have “enduro” models that look like much more aggressive mountain bikes, but can be had with street tires, too.

Check them out at Duesenspeed.com for all the details.

Italian brand Bad Bike offers affordable models for kicking around, including the Beach Fat cruiser, which can be had with an optional sidecar.

The YouMo Rat Rod borrows the classic cruiser moto looks and pairs it with a low-slung, removable battery pack and hub motor, 24″ wheels and solid styling.

StreetScooter is more than a bike brand, they’re a full e-mobility cargo transport solutions company. They offer range of mini electric delivery vans and trucks along with fully customizable e-trikes. Maybe you just wanna bring the grill to your tailgate party…

…or run a mobile espresso stand. Note the pancake stack of batteries, all used to power the coffee maker and lights. The e-bike’s battery is separate, and they use two hub motors at the rear, one on each side. When you pedal, a gear box only drives one side, then electronics tell the other side’s motor how to respond so they mirror each others output when riding straight. And it knows when you’re turning so they can adjust accordingly and help keep you in control, kinda like a differential.

The brand makes the Deutsche Post mail bikes, which have helped the German mail carriers drastically reduce vehicle usage in the cities. Check them out at StreetScooter.eu.