If there was any doubt where KTM’s future lies, their 2019 collection of 11+ eBikes completely overshadows the five standard models shown at Eurobike’s Media Days and explains it all. From urban commuters to country road to full on road and enduro mountain bikes, their lineup has something for everyone. Across the line, all of their Macina e-bikes now have their LFC solution, or Light Fender Carrier, which basically means that they have prewired light cables to the motor and battery so it’s easy to add integrated head and tail lights to their bikes. Fenders, too, even for the mountain bikes.

Starting with the most travel, the KTM Macina Kapoho uses the Bosch Performance Line motor with a battery inside the downtube to deliver plenty of power to the 160mm of travel. What sets this bike apart from some competitors is the mix of 29er front wheels and tires and 27.5″ rear. This mismatched tire and wheel size comes from the moto world and is something we’re seeing more of from several brands, the idea being better rollover up front and better traction and flickability in the rear.

It gets a new KTM stem that sets the Bosch head unit into it for a cleaner overall look. And, for 2019, it’ll get a higher end build with the new Shimano XTR group.

The new Macina Ride is an entry level eMTB that uses the Bosch Active Line and either 29 or 27.5 tires. Retail from €1,999 to €2,199 depending on spec.

The Macina Grand Belt adds a clean Gates Belt Drive option to the line.

The Macina Sport is similar in appearance to the ______, but adds the new Bosch ABS system, which measures and compares the rotation of the front and rear wheel and prevents the front from locking up.

A secondary rotor is there for the sensor to measure wheel speed and compare it to the rear.

In the event your wheels are about to lockup, this stem-mounted display will flash when the ABS is working. Overkill? Maybe. Probably. But if you want to know that this expensive upgrade option is working, this light will tell you.

The KTM Macina Mila is a basic commuter e-bike made for comfort on rough roads thanks to a suspension forks and seatpost. It’s also made for really long rides thanks to a dual battery system:

One battery is integrated into the downtube, the other can be added on to the top of the tube and will automatically work with the electronics. Together, they provide a massive 1,000Wh of power so you can ride for a really, really long time.

The Macina Scout is a step-thru eMTB for people that need to ride some rough dirt trails or paths, maybe up to a mountain hut for dinner, and then need to safely get back down the mountain. The tires and front suspension offer better control than what you’d find on a trekking bike. It also gets thicker brake rotors to handle the heat of long distance brake dragging, but is designed with a power curve that prevents over braking and loss of control.

Need a small e-bike to get to and fro, up and down, and still fit it on a metro or into a small space? The Macina Fold 20″ does just that and still looks sleek thanks to a fully integrated battery in the downtube.

eRoad Bikes are a category that still has us scratching our heads a bit, but that’s not stopping a lot of brands from introducing them. Like many others, the KTM Macina Mezzo uses the Fazua motor so you can easily remove the battery/motor combo unit to drop most of the extra weight from the bike and let you ride it like a normal road bike when you want.

It’ll ship with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain, DT Swiss wheels and Continental Gran Prix tires. Claimed weight is 13.3kg (29.32lb) without pedals.