Corratec unveiled their first carbon all-road endurance bike at Eurobike, and added this motor-assist alloy version to the line for anyone wanting a little boost. It uses the Fazua motor system to integrate both motor and battery into the downtube, and adds plenty of mounts for racks and fenders, making it a great commuter option, too.

The other unique feature of this is the price – it comes in at €3,799 and weighs just 14.5kg. Take the battery/motor pack off and you’ll save 4.5kg, and you can pop in a plastic case that matches the shape but let’s you store snacks and stuff inside. So as you get fitter or just want to go for a non-assisted ride, you can easily shed the dead weight.

Everything you need to charge pops out for easy transport and security.

Tire clearance is related at 700×40 front and rear. The hollow chainstay yoke feeds the brake and shift lines directly into the chainstays, but the speed sensor remains visible.

Flattened seatstays help take the edge off the rough stuff.

2019 Corratec e-Allroad gravel e-bike for dirt roads and paths

Thru axles front and rear keep the wheels securely in place and provide the additional stiffness needed for an e-Bike’s extra power and weight.