It’s no secret that e-bikes can be prohibitively expensive for some, and it may be hard to store another bike for others. Revos solves these problems and more by converting your current push-bike into an e-bike. It does so with 3 easy to install components that are separate from the drivetrain. Plus, the system is self-controlled using only its sensors to decide when assistance is needed.

Getting that extra push

photos c. Revolution Works

The Revos system consists of a battery, motor and pedal assist sensor. There are no controllers to link or computers to manage. And its single tool installation process appears easy enough to do at home. Simply put, the system will help you maintain 15.5mph, so long as you continue to pedal. The Revos is unlike your typical e-bike conversion that mounts motors to the drivetrain. It makes direct contact with the rear tire and uses a textured belt to drive the wheel.

Component specs & availability

2 battery options are available including 100Wh and 209Wh. Range with the 100Wh is about 12miles while the 209Wh will go 24miles. The system isn’t an ankle weight either, the complete 100Wh kit hits the scale at 1939g. As for the motor, it’s rated at 250W and consumes about 10Wh/Km. The Revos system is available on their website for pre-order at £350 (100Wh battery) and £440 (209Wh battery). Units expected to ship around October 2018.