Located in the Alps of Northern Italy, Bormio has long been a popular destination for Alpine skiing. The stunning backdrops and mountainous terrain are perfect for exploring – by skis or by bike. In a move to increase e-bike tourism, the area has fully embraced the arrival of e-MTBs as a way for riders of many skill levels to get out and explore. With plans to introduce a full network of battery charging stations, and the ability to rent extra batteries, extended range and electric assist should make rides like the 10 mile trip around Cancano lakes a breeze. Of course there are far more difficult routes as well if you have the skills.

The area also plays host to the e-bike Experience which is a 47 mile excursion with 7,874 ft of climbing – better bring your extra battery. Or two. Registration for the 2018 edition is already closed, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year.

From the Bormio Press Office:

Bormio, February 28, 2018 – Bormio’s mountain biking trails have been around for decades. They have been ridden by thousands of bikers, old and new, beginners and elite riders alike. Discovering all of the different routes the stunning region has to offer has become as easy, practical and fast as never before: E-Mountain bikes have arrived in Bormio and they have come to stay.

The extensive number of trails available in the region can vary greatly in terms of level of difficulty, suiting the taste and skills of a wide audience – from the most demanding to the more casual bikers. E-Mountain bikes allow for this divide to be increasingly blurred – tracks which previously would have been basically off-limits to the less experienced or physically skilled riders, now become more accessible thanks to eMTBs.

Nadine Rieder, who knows Bormio’s trails and slopes like the back of her hand, stresses this herself. “It’s still physically demanding as you tend to try steeper climbs that would be otherwise impossible. It’s also a great way to improve your riding technique. With an eMTB you can save some energy and do more descents. In general, I think that e-bikes give the average rider the chance to explore areas that would be hard to reach on a normal bike. For example the Tibetan Bridges trail in the Forni Valley and the Gavia Pass area are amazing examples of such routes.” highlighted the 28 year-old German rider.

Bormio’s various bike rental shops already do offer standard battery chargers as well as the possibility to rent additional batteries and there are plans to introduce a full charging station network in the near future. This can be particularly useful for bikers who want to plan to tackle high mountain routes that involve stops in shelters or mountain huts without electricity.

Bormio’s stunning and diversified high alpine landscape, filled with its numerous lakes, valleys and slopes offering gorgeous views all around, is an eMTB rider’s dream.

The area of the Cancano lakes is a prime example of this variety. A 16 km / 10 mi tour around the lakes is mostly flat and hence easy and apt for riders of all levels. On the other hand, this area then also caters for the needs of the more demanding through a number of different tracks and valleys. For example, the Val Mora route towards Switzerland, the Val Alpisella and the Val Trela routes.

Depending on how much ground one wants to cover, E-Mountainbikes can also play a crucial role – they allow you to ride more kilometers in less time. For instance, they make it possible to reach the lakes striding along the 13kms of the famous and scenic Cancano road in just an hour.

For a shorter (7 km / 4,4 mi) but just as enjoyable ride, eMTBs will also enable keen riders to conquer the many climbs and downhills of the Pedemontana della Reit trail. Starting from Pravasivo – just before Bagni Vecchi, climbing the Stelvio road – and then all the way to Teregua Valfurva. Stunning views of Bormio await as a reward.

These are only a few of the many routes that the Stelvio National Park has to offer. Furthermore, those who venture up from Teregua to Santa Caterina Valfurva can also appreciate another amazing scenery.

This popular destination can also be reached taking a quicker route starting from Bormio 2000, reachable with the cable car during the summer season or otherwise with your eMTB.

Furthermore, in the Forni Valley (Valfurva) there are many trails for all levels, as well as more demanding ones, like, for example, the route over the Zebrù Pass.

Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon – E-Bike Experience

In yet another effort to continue to consolidate the integration of eMTBs into the region’s competitive racing circuit, this year the Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon will once again be featuring a special category designed for E-Mountainbike riders.

Scheduled for July 28, the famous race is once more set to bring hundreds of riders to the Bormio area and put them to the test along the epic and at times challenging routes.

Acknowledging the ever more increasing appetite for E-Mountainbiking and also to allow less experienced riders, who still want to have the chance to tackle the demanding course, the organization is once again staging this particular course.

Dubbed E-Bike Experience, it will not be a competitive race but rather an excursion hosted along the 76 km / 47 mi long endurance route, including an altitude difference of 2,400 meters / 7,874 ft.

The registrations for the E-Bike Experience 2018 are officially closed. Further information about the E-Bike Experience can be found under: www.altavaltellinabike.it/e-bike-experience.html