Ampler Electric Bikes has three new lightweight e-bike commuters to get you around town quickly, without looking like you are hauling (or being towed by) giant motors and batteries. The Curt, Stout, and Stellar each retain a classic city bike look, all pairing rear hub motors with batteries neatly integrated into their alloy frame tubing.

Ampler Curt flat bar, fast urban commuter

The Curt is the fastest moving and lightest of the three with a singe speed setup. Stripped back to the essentials, its raw alloy frame matches up with a carbon fork, mid-depth wheels, and a flat bar for a classic urban single speed look.

But the Curt hides a 250W motor in the rear hub, and a 336Wh battery inside its frame, good for 70km of riding on a single charge. All the electronics are neatly integrated into the frames with a small charge port & control button on the lower seattube.

Its standard build starting at 2490€, the 14.1kg Curt doesn’t come cheap, but will zip you across the city in no time, without the look of a typical e-bike. It features fat Conti Contact SpeedE tires, a half-link chain drive, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

But there is plenty of room for customization. Add on items like a Gates belt-drive rear end, a Brooks Cambium C15 saddle & matching cambium grips, a set of puncture resistant Continental 4 Season tires, or even full rack & fenders, or a set of lights. You can even upgrade to a Shimano M6000 rear derailleur to turn it into a 10 speed.

Ampler Stout flat bar, relaxed urban commuter

The gray Stout is essentially a more grown-up and practical version of the Curt. It is Ampler’s modern e-commuter bike, blending a classic look & functional build with modern e-bike tech. The Stout shares the same 250W rear hub motor, and stealthy 336Wh battery integrated into the frame.

The 2290€ Stout features a 9 speed drivetrain, wide gears, wide Conti Contact tires, an upright riding position and full coverage fender standard. At 16.4kg, it is still manageable in the city even up and down stairs, while expanding your commuting range.

Upgrades are again possible, with a Brooks kit, rear rack, kickstand, and integrated lights available, as well as Abus anti-theft add-ons.

Ampler Stellar step-through flat bar, urban commuter

Starting at again at 2290€ and a weight of around 16.4kg, the red or gray Stellar is simply a step-through version of the Stout, otherwise getting the same features.

The step through frame design though makes the Stellar the most comfortable and flexible of the bunch, making it well suited for men & women who want to get around wearing their more formal work clothes.

About Ampler

Ampler Electric Bikes grew out of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign back in early 2016, with the idea of developing simple, uncluttered e-bikes. No electronic screens, no throttles, no complicated e-assist modes (although you can do some custom tuning via a smartphone app) – just get on and ride, with some e-bike help so you don’t have to break a sweat.

The 70km 336Wh batteries are small enough to fit inside the frames, but powerful enough to handle almost every rider’s daily commute.

Ampler is based in Tallinn, the capital and biggest city in Estonia. A small company run by cyclist & engineers who design all the unique bikes & tech in-house. Their bikes are all sold consumer-direct via the internet (with free European shipping), yet Ampler will be opening a retail showroom in Berlin, Germany this spring.