Pedego has built a sizable brand behind simple e-bikes that chunk a battery into a rear rack and use a hub motor to assist your pedaling efforts. That keeps the frames simple and standard, and comparatively affordable. Now, they’re more affordable if you opt for a pre-owned e-bike available at their stores.

Bicycle Retailer is reporting that participating dealers will sell Certified Pre-Loved Pedego e-bikes, all of which get an 18-point checkup and tuneup. That service includes fixing up all mechanical and electrical parts, and delivers a bike with a 12-month warranty covering everything, including the battery. Prices start at $1,499.

Pedego has grown not just because their bikes are simple, but they’re driving the brand and e-bikes in general through branded retail stores. It’s a franchise model, and they’ve got widespread coverage of both independent Pedego-only shops and regular bike shops selling the brand.