If there’s any indication of who e-bike companies want to target with their e-MTBs, look no further than Haibike’s latest sponsored rider – Sam Pilgrim. Sam certainly knows his way around a bike, though it’s usually one without a motor. However, Haibike is in the unique position of having both standard bikes and e-bikes in their lineup so bringing on someone like Sam who can shred the wheels off of both makes a lot of sense.

From the looks of things, Sam seems pretty stoked (who wouldn’t be?). Shown riding the Haibike Xduro All Mountain here, Sam also mentions that he’ll have a signature dirt jump frame coming out in the near future. And you know that his input will only serve to improve Haibikes in the coming years.

Full PR below:

Schweinfurt, 1 January 2018 – Haibike is proud to announce the signing of British Freeride pro Sam Pilgrim to our ePerformance team for 2018 and beyond. The 27-year-old Freeride specialist will utilize the potential of the XDURO series to redefine the limits of what is possible on an eMountainbike.

Pilgrim, from Colchester in the UK, started his Dirt Jump career at the age of 14. Ever since, he has always been one of the leading figures in international competitions: In 2011 he won the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg; in 2013 he carried off the victory in the Freeride Mountainbike World Tour, and since then has built up a huge fanbase of over 500k social media followers!

“We warmly welcome Sam Pilgrim to the Haibike family and are looking forward to pushing ePerformance to the next level on the international stage”, says Bernd Lesch, Director of Marketing / Product at Haibike.

When asked why he chose to ride for the ePerformance Pioneer Haibike, Sam Pilgrim replied, “I really liked the look of what Haibike was doing in terms of being more extreme with e-bikes and pushing the freeride side of things, it was an obvious choice really!”

Sam continues, “I personally hated pedaling up hill, it was just something that sucked in between the fun stuff, but then I actually tried an e-bike and now everything is fun! I actually still can’t believe how fun it is even when I’m pedaling up!”

Pilgrim will participate in several events of the FMB World Tour with his custom-made Haibike dirt jump Bike in 2018 and continue his series of regular adrenaline-fueled YouTube videos. “I want to show what’s possible on an e-bike with new tricks and big jumps!”

R&D feedback from Sam over the next years will be used to contribute to the further development of the Haibike XDURO models to keep them at the head of the pack.


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