Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to get rid of the family minivan and replace it with a bike? While that doesn’t really seem like a logical or rather balanced substitution for the vast majority of people, the rise of the e-cargo bike is starting to make it a bit more realistic. Riese & Muller’s new Load e-cargo bike is one of the latest and most serious for replacing the car for short everyday trips. The full-suspension Load combines the hauling capacity to safely transport everything from groceries to a couple of kids with a e-bike assist motor with extended battery range that means that it can handle just about any of your regular errands. This could be a solid option if you are looking to break out of the car culture and spend some more time in the saddle on the daily commute…

Riese & Muller have been building their Load e-cargo bike in Weiterstadt, Germany for several years, but this dual-suspension e-assist cargo bike is getting more range for a new season of riding with a new dual-battery setup to expand its range. The Load also continues to expand in its modularity, with five different 250W Bosch Performance motor powered models to fit with a range of users, from the standard 25km/h limited pedal assists up to the more fast 45km/h limit S-Pedelecs bleeding farther into the motorbike category.

But no matter how fast you feel the need to go, it is really the doubled range with up to 1000Wh or battery storage and the modular cargo platform setups that define the versatility.

The Load has a few cargo box wall options & a low-profile waterproof tarpaulin cover, a protected double child seat with seatbelts, and infant seat fastening system, a weather-proof canopy child cover, a similar closed cargo cover, or a lightweight folding lockable box.

The Load has said to be a full suspension cargo bike to make it easier and more stable to haul heavy loads over rough roads keeping the rider more in control. (Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it is built really for a plush ride or for taking it off any sick jumps.) It also build in theft-proof security with a Abus Protectus 5000 rear wheel/frame lock that essentially immobilizes the thing since it is heavy enough to not go walking away on its own.

The Load comes in four frame colors – white, lime, cyan and matte black, plus a bit of accessory color customization. Each of the models starts with a Bosch motor and a single 500Wh battery, but can be upgraded with a second battery in parallel for 1000Wh of energy storage and twice the e-assist range.

The Load Light model is the lowest cost of entry, starting at 5000€, with several options available to keep adding on more premium drivetrain and accessories until you get up close to the price for a late model minivan.